Isabela Sousa: flying over Fortaleza's Poço da Draga

Who needs wings when you've got a bodyboard? Isabela Sousa has founded her signature airline company.

She is one of the most successful female bodyboarders of all time, but when the Brazilian is free surfing, shed gets highly creative and ambitious.

Four-time world bodyboarding champion Isabela Sousa landed a colossal air reverse at Poço da Draga, a rebound wave that breaks in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Sousa was caught on tape riding a small three-foot left-hander that suddenly morphs into an A-frame peak and catapults riders into the air.

"I knew I went high but, in the video, I guess it's bigger because when you're surfing the wave we don't really have the sense of time - one second seems like a minute," explained Sousa.

As Isabela hits the sky and starts the rotation, a bodyboarder is seen awed by the plane that was flying over him.

"I remember that in this wave when I hit the lip, completed the 360 rotation and stood up there looking down to the flats, that minute felt like an hour. And when I hit the flats, it hurt!"

It feels like Sousa could've tried the 720 in the wedgy ramp, but it's easier said than done.

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