Bodyboard News Headlines and Top Stories

Maui County passed an ordinance banning the sale, rental, and distribution of disposable polystyrene bodyboards.
It happens to everyone riding a bodyboard. You've caught a wave, it closed out, and you want to pull out without getting dragged to the shore. Here's how to exit a wave wisely and safely.
The Maldives National Bodyboarding League (MBBL) kicked off in Malé.
March is Women's History month, so I took a minute to myself to sit down and think about why women are given a month out of the year to pay respect to.
Shark Island is an exposed rocky outcrop located 150 meters off the coast of Cronulla, New South Wales. Welcome to one of the world's most feared waves.
Australian veteran bodyboarder Lilly Pollard has taken out the 2022 Women's Pipeline Bodyboarding Championship in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.