Bodyboard News Headlines and Top Stories

Haven't you heard about bodyboard wax? Well, it's not a marketing stunt. It really makes the difference.
Isabela Sousa calls it the "Portuguese Wedge." And yes, although not as big as the original - Newport Beach's The Wedge - it sure delivers a few thick and powerful waves.
A Spanish bodyboarder died while surfing in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.
Eleven trialists have earned a spot on the 2019 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational.
It is what it is - a wave pool for first-timers and beginner bodyboarders. But it could be an inspiring entry-level experience for future spongers.
From high atop the Austrian slopes, Australian brothers Ben and Michael Bateman have launched the Snoogee Board, the world's ultimate carving sled.

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