Joana Schenker gets her own Barbie doll

Joana Schenker has been awarded a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll. And it has her looks.

The 2017 APB World Tour champion received a super limited edition - there's actually only one unit, and it now belongs to Schenker - of a fully-equipped Barbie bodyboarder.

Joana Schenker, 31, was one of the ten Portuguese personalities honored with a specially-designed Barbie doll featuring some of their most recognizable characteristics.

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Jared Houston clinches 2018 APB World Tour title

Jared Houston has been crowned 2018 APB World Tour champion, in Nazaré, Portugal.

The South African clinched his second world bodyboarding title after beating 2017 champion, Ian Campbell, in a superheat final. The decisive clash got underway in pumping eight-to-ten-foot waves at Praia do Norte.

Houston, who had won his first APB World Tour title in 2015, defeated Tanner McDaniel in the Nazaré Pro final and forced a surf-off with his fellow countryman.

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Nazaré Pro: the event that crowns world champions

The 2018 Nazaré Pro kicked off at Praia do Norte with the big, heavy shore break conditions we associate with this world-famous Portuguese beach break.

Portugal was on a high in 2017 after the high flying action at last year's Nazaré Pro when local legend Tó Cardoso won the comp in fine style, and Joana Schenker from Sagres became the first Portuguese to wear the world title crown in the history of surfing.

APB Tour Director, Alex Leon, says it was great to be back at the remarkable Praia do Norte, "probably one of the best beach breaks in the world that can hold really heavy waves which is perfect for real high-performance bodyboarding."

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