All set for the 2017 Portuguese Triple Crown of Bodyboarding

Portugal is ready to host three consecutive APB World Tour stages that might very well decide who the 2017 champion will be.

The world's best male and female bodyboarders will make Portugal their home for a month. In fact, there's a lot at stake. The Men's, Women's, Pro Junior and Drop-Knee world titles could be decided in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Portuguese leg kicks off with the prestigious Sintra Pro, the longest running event in pro bodyboarding. Praia Grande will once again deliver its punchy waves in an always shifty beach break.

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How to put on a pair of bodyboarding fins

Bodyboarding is a sport that requires you to wear swim fins. Let's learn how to put them on correctly.

Is is possible to catch waves and ride a bodyboard without a pair of flippers? Yes. Is it reasonable to paddle out on a boogie board? No.

Unlike in surfing, where you generally only need your arms to get into the wave, bodyboarding relies on leg and feet power to propel you forward through the water.

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How to become a professional female bodyboarder

Bodyboarding is a popular wave riding sport across the world. However, professional bodyboarders have always struggled to live out of competitions and sponsors.

As in many other individual and team sports, men tend to end up with the largest sponsoring deals and the largest contest prize purses, leaving almost nothing for their female counterpart.

However, both sides have bills to pay if they decide to live the dream and tour the world. In other words, it's not easy to become a female bodyboarder.

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