Joe Clarke is taking down "Wallz"

When he's not wearing a jersey, Joe Clarke is tearing down liquid "Wallz."

The rider from the Gold Coast splits his time between competing in Australia's ABA Tour, and free surfing some of the best slabs his country has to offer.

This time, he spent a weekend down south camping and doing what he does best. In a couple of days, Clarke scored big time and got his adrenaline fix before heading home comforted.

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Thor Seraphin throws el rollos and airs on a foil bodyboard

Thor Seraphin has documented the first ever el rollo landed on a foil-equipped bodyboard.

The hydrofoil enthusiast from the island of Kauai, in Hawaii, is taking boogie foiling into the future and continues to improve and fine-tune the new bodyboarding discipline.

Seraphin released a video in which he pulls off and lands a few classic maneuvers like el rollos, cutbacks, frontside airs, 360s, and air reverses. He even gets barreled along the way.

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Hugo Pinheiro and friends return to Mar da Calha

Three years after unveiling the unusual wave that breaks off the coast of Lisbon, in Portugal, Hugo Pinheiro and friends returned to the scene of the crime.

This time, the four-time Portuguese national bodyboarding champion invited Daniel Fonseca, Vasco Ribeiro, Pedro Boonman, Lourenço Katzenstein and Tiago Pires to join him on a very special boat trip.

Mar da Calha is an offshore wave that breaks near the Bugio Lighthouse, a platform located in the Tejo river mouth.

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