Isaias Ravyc claims the 2018 Itacoatiara Pro Trials

Isaias Ravyc has taken out the 2018 Itacoatiara Pro Trials, in Niteroi, Brazil.

The competition got underway in classic four-foot waves with plenty of barrels and air sections. In the end, only six bodyboarders qualified for the main stage.

Ravyc, Patrick Orr, Sammy Morretino, George Humphreys, Adejaldo Silva, Mack Crilley, Hugo Medeiros, Kevin Torres, and David Barbosa will join the world's best performers in the second event of the Grand Slam Series (GSS).

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Tom Morey recovers from eye surgery

Eighty-two-year-old Tom Morey was submitted to two eye surgeries. And he is recovering well, despite a few minor complications.

The legendary surfer and inventor of the boogie board has been losing his sight for a while, making it difficult for him to continue his work and live an independent daily routine.

However, and thanks to the funds collected by the Friends of Tom Morey initiative, the visionary engineer-musician was able to undergo a delicate surgery to help restore eyesight.

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Perfect 20: Tanner McDaniel makes history in Arica

Tanner McDaniel has taken out the 2018 Arica Bodyboard Cultura, at El Flopos, in Ex-Isla Alacrán, Chile.

The Hawaiian bodyboarder defeated two-time world champion Pierre-Louis Costes in spectacular 10-foot wave conditions and claimed his first ever APB Tour event.

On his fifth visit to Arica, McDaniel also became the first rider in the history of bodyboarding to win a final with a Perfect 20 score.

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Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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