Joana Schenker wins fourth consecutive Miss Activo Cup title

Joana Schenker claimed her fourth consecutive Miss Activo Cup title, in the waves of Costa Nova, Portugal.

Despite the strong northern winds that made paddling and riding hard for the athletes in the final, the three-time European bodyboarding champion was able to overcome Teresa Almeida with the best two-wave score of the event - 15.50 points.

"I'm very happy because it was my goal. It's a tasty victory in the European Tour because it is always important to win the first round. This is my fourth win in Costa Nova for the European Tour, and in fact, when I come here, I already feel pressure," explained Joana Schenker.

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The radio-controlled bodyboarder that is making waves

In just two weeks, Dominic Young, the founder of Bro RC Surfer, created a radio-controlled bodyboarder.

Does it work? Well, the result is pretty impressive. The handmade gadget made of glass over foam glides incredibly well across the water, and the performance in the waves is quite remarkable.

The plastic bodyboarder is able to pull the some of the modern bodyboarding tricks including the ARS, el rollo, cutbacks, huge backflips, and a few unnamed maneuvers.

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Amaury Lavernhe enjoys his "Life Swell"

For many, he is the best bodyboarder of his generation. After having a break from the APB World Tour, Amaury Lavernhe is ready to storm the system once again.

The two-time world champion from Reunion Island is enjoying the greatest swell of his life. And that is why, after 12 years competing at the highest level in the pro bodyboarding circuit, he decided to stop for a few months.

Lavernhe competed in the first three events of the 2017 APB World Tour season and then stayed with his family to witness the birth of his second child.

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