The best quotes by Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart is more than just a brilliant bodyboarder. He is an athlete who reflects on his sport, the ocean, and all the dimensions of life.

The Hawaiian bodyboarding pioneer worked and learned with the iconic Tom Morey, and was one of the first to put the boogie board at test in waves of consequence like Pipeline, Jaws, and Nazaré.

Stewart invented new maneuvers, attracted top-notch sponsors, and put Teahupoo on the surfing map. The introverted prone rider traveled the world and collected multiple world titles in both bodyboarding and bodysurfing.

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You've got to surf "UpThere"

We all know Portugal has great waves but, for several known reasons, the spots located in the north of the country rarely hit mainstream media.

However, things are changing, and the number of filmmakers exploring the northern coast is steadily increasing. The truth is that there are multiple uncrowded quality surf spots between Aveiro and Viana do Castelo.

Miguel Assis de Castro, also known as MAC, wasted no time promoting Portugal's northern waves. But he delayed the release of "UpThere." Why? The rides and the footage were continuously coming up.

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Brahim Iddouch wins the 2017 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival

Brahim Iddouch has taken out the 2017 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival at La Cupula, in Chile.

The Moroccan bodyboarder defeated South African sensation Iain Campbell in six-to-ten-foot waves. It's Iddouch's second ever win in an APB World Tour event.

Brahim opened his dream run with a spectacular, unfinished ARS, but he kept pushing the limits of his riding and eventually found the waves he needed to celebrate in grand style.

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