Offshore drilling: stop disasters in our oceans

The US Congress is voting on a bill to dramatically expand offshore drilling in the country.

Effectively, this means new offshore drilling off every US coastline, including the states of California, Virginia, South Carolina, and Alaska.

The Offshore Energy and Jobs Act (HR 2231) would double the amount of drilling off the coasts by requiring the Department of the Interior to lease at least 50% of unleased acreage with the greatest resources.

The bill would also reduce environmental review for new drilling, despite overwhelming evidence that oversight for offshore drillinge needs to be enhanced.

Expanding drilling in US waters will put the local coastal communities at risk from ecological and economic harm. The US coasts provide billions of dollars in economic revenue through recreation, tourism, and healthy seafood.

Protecting these benefits is preventing the expansion of offshore drilling. Surfers are invited to protest against the needless expansion of offshore oil and gas development. Support the Surfrider Foundation.

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