Vasco da Gama's astrolabe is the oldest known navigation tool

Researchers from the University of Warwick state that the astrolabe found in 2014 in the Indian Ocean is the oldest known marine navigation tool.

The astrolabe is an ancient tool used by navigators and astronomers to identify planets and stars, to determine the local latitudes, and to make geographical triangulations.

The relique was excavated by Blue Water Recoveries. Initially, the team was not able to spot any navigational markings on it, so the object was sent to a laboratory in Warwick.

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How to treat a stingray sting

Have you ever been getting stung by a stingray? Act quickly and effectively to reduce the pain and extract the venom from the wounded area. Learn the first aid basics for stingray stings.

The stingray is a cartilaginous fish, and it is part of the shark's family tree. These animals use their ten-inch barbed stingers to inject venom into their victims.

There are around 220 different species of stingrays. The majority lives in saltwater habitats, but there are also a few species swimming in freshwater rivers and lakes.

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Great white shark: Things you didn't know about the ocean predator

The great white shark is the ultimate ocean predator. It is on the top of the food chain, and their only biggest living threat is humans.

Although great whites are not the largest sharks, they are the biggest predatory sharks living in the world's oceans.

It's every surfer's and beachgoer's worst nightmare, and one of the most analyzed and scrutinized marine creatures in TV shows, documentaries, and Hollywood movies.

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The full schedule for the 2018 European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) has been released.