Hundreds of pilot whales stranded in New Zealand

More than 600 pilot whales have stranded at Farewell Spit, Golden Bay, on New Zealand's South Island.

It was one of the most deadly mass strandings in the history of the country. Two large pods washed ashore with a 48-hour gap between each event.

Marine scientists still don't know why the pilot whales came ashore, but they believe the cetaceans could have been swimming away from sharks, and pushed into shallow waters.

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Unprovoked shark attacks declined in 2016

The number of worldwide unprovoked shark attacks dropped 17.3 percent in 2016.

The International Shark Attack File (ISAF) analyzed 150 incidents involving shark-human interaction and concluded that 81 of these events were, in fact, unprovoked attack on humans.

In 2015, the number shark attacks had hit 98. According to the ISAF, an unprovoked attack is an attack occurred in the shark's habitat with no human provocation of the predator.

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Winter storm breaks up S.S. Palo Alto

A violent storm followed by a powerful 35-foot swell destroyed the S.S. Palo Alto, grounded at Seacliff State Beach, near Santa Cruz, California.

The 98-year-old S.S. Palo Alto, also known as the "Cement Ship," was an oil tanker built by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company and launched in 1919. But it never participated in the war.

The 420-foot S.S. Palo Alto is a historical landmark of Santa Cruz. The boat was made out of concrete to save metal during World War I.

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