Stop US seismic airguns in the Atlantic Ocean

December 17, 2013 | Environment
Right wales: seismic airguns are killing marine life

The Surfrider Foundation is opposing a proposal by the federal government to conduct seismic surveys off the Mid- and South Atlantic coast for oil and gas.

The U.S. Department of the Interior is deciding whether to conduct seismic surveys in the Atlantic ocean from New Jersey to Florida to assess oil and gas resources.

"Seismic airgun testing would cause major impacts to marine life and bring the Atlantic coast closer to the risky practice of offshore oil drilling", the Surfrider Foundations explains.

The proposed surveys would employ loud and continuous sound blasts that would cause disturbance in the aquatic environment.

The blasts from seismic airguns have been shown to interfere with the mating, feeding, communication, and migration activities of numerous species, including the endangered right whale, sea turtles, fishes, etc.

Furthermore, offshore drilling is inherently polluting and dangerous, and it will not solve USA's energy needs. According to the Department of Energy, fully developing all of our recoverable offshore oil reserves would lower pump prices by only 3 cents.

Such a tradeoff is not worth the risk to our coastal economies, including tourism, recreation, and commercial fishing, which generate billions of dollars in annual revenue on the Atlantic coast.

Stop seismic airguns in the Atlantic Ocean. Support the Surfrider Foundation.

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