System 001 by Ocean Cleanup deployed at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Cleanup has finally deployed System 001 in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, off the coast of California.

After a series of successful trials and tests ran 350 nautical miles offshore, the 600-meter cleanup system embarked on its final leg of the journey.

The long voyage of approximately 1,000 nautical miles to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch took roughly two weeks to complete at an average tow speed of between two-to-four knots.

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Is tanning healthy?

For many historians, Coco Chanel is responsible for setting a new tan fashion. In 1923, she returned from a Mediterranean cruise looking bronzed, and the trend stuck.

In Western societies, and 100 years later, people still associate beauty with tanning. But make no mistake: a tanned skin always means damaged skin.

Dermatologists and scientists say there is no such thing as a healthy or safe tan. There is a real, scientifically proven link between ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer.

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How to treat a jellyfish sting

The jellyfish is a dangerous carnivorous marine predator. Learn how to treat and soothe the jellyfish sting before it gets painful and harmful.

They don't have teeth, but their small stinging harpoons - the nematocysts - can quickly pierce the human skin and inject a poisonous venom.

The jellyfish is one of the 10,000 members of the phylum Cnidaria, a group that also includes the Portuguese man-o-war, the sea anemones, and the fire corals.

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