Red Bull Skim It: the largest skimboarding event of its kind in Europe

The 6th edition of the Red Bull Skim It will ignite the city of Lodz, in Poland, on August 26, 2017.

The event is Europe's largest skimboarding competition held on an artificial track and the final stop on the 2017 European Skimboarding Cup.

The 2017 Red Bull Skim It will also determine Poland's best skimboarder. But the organizers have also planned additional attractions for those who haven’t tried the sport yet.

From Wednesday (August 23) until Sunday (August 27) everyone is invited to polish their skimboarding skills under the watchful eye of professional coaches from the Village Head Snowboard (VHS) school.

The Red Bull Skim It stands out among other flatland skimboarding events thanks to its unusual format. Pro qualifiers feature one-on-one duels, while the finals are based on a skateboarding game - Skate -  where competitors challenge each other by copying previously performed tricks.

If an opponent fails to repeat a given move, he or she gets successive letters from the event name "Skim It." The first one to "collect" the full designation is eliminated.

This year, the stakes are even higher - the best skimboarders will receive in-kind and cash prizes worth 12,000 PLN. The Red Bull Skim It is organized and run by the current Polish skimboarding vice-champion, Mariusz Wojt.

The 2017 Red Bull Skim It is powered by SurferToday.

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