Remek Miczek sweeps the Red Bull Skim It 2014

September 19, 2014 | Skimboarding
Red Bull Skim It 2014: riders at work | Photo: Red Bull

Remek Miczek has conquered the Red Bull Skim It 2014, held in the Manufaktura arts center, in Lodz, Poland.

Poland is known for having a longtime hardcore skimboarding community, and talented riders. Manufaktura proved to be the perfect scenario for a successful urban skim event.

The Red Bull Skim It 2014 attracted 40 of the best skimmers in the country to compete in a specially-designed set, full of sliding challenges and obstacles.

The event combines the one-on-one heat formula in the preliminary stages, with skateboarding rules in which competitors get asked to perform tricks.

Remek Miczek convinced the judges and won the Pro division. Aleksandra Dubas took out the Women's category, and Grzegorz Kuta triumphed in the Amateur event.

Red Bull Skim It 2014 | Results

Pro Men
1. Remek Miczek
2. Michal Puchalski
3. Marcin Kakol

1. Ola Dubas
2. Gaba Kulka
3. Ania Hlasko

1. Grzegorz Kuta
2. Adam Tabaczynski
3. Maks Grzechowiak