The inflatable toy surfers of the North Shore

November 18, 2011 | Surfing
Inflatable toy surfing: too serious to laugh out loud

Inflatable toy surfing is the new wave riding trend. A group of avant-garde surfers have unveiled a new way of enjoying clean three foot waves.

If you've lost your surfboard or if you're in a place where there are no boards for hitting the line-up, find an inflatable toy or a blow up beach mattress. You'll find it very useful to show off your surf skills and impress the locals.

So, what is inflatable toy surfing? Alex Grey, a member of the Volcom family, has gathered a few friends and took the most out of a small swell to test and fine-tune the new surf trend.

Inflatable toy surfing has been born in the North Shore of Hawaii, but is likely to spread to other coastal countries, soon. Blow up beach toys should be fully inflated in order to surf waves. In the first inflatable toy surfing video, wipe-outs are a clearly dangerous experience.

Alex Grey and his friends also tried other stunts, like jumping from real surfboards to the blow up animals. Inflatable toy surfing is a serious trend. Please avoid laughing out loud.

Watch how you can ride waves in inflatable turtles and dolphins.

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