Scott Jones: the football player who prefers to catch waves

All surfers know that when the surf's up, you have to go.

But if you're also about to play an important football/soccer match, and your team needs you, what should you do?

Scott Jones is one of the three Chichester City FC strikers. He's a popular and talented footballer.

The club from West Sussex, England, is currently competing at the Isthmian League South East Division, a level 7-8 on the pyramid of the English football league system.

On November 11, Chichester's Oaklands Park hosted the second round draw of the FA Cup.

And Jones was interviewed by BBC host Mark Chapman. The exchange of words resulted in a hilarious moment.

"So, sometimes, you're not available to play for Chichester because you are surfing?" Chapman asked.

"When the swell's good, you got to go," replied the laid-back footballer-surfer.

Scoring a Winner or Going Surfing?

His manager says it's all good. But here's another relevant question: scoring the winner in the second round of the FA CUP or catching a big wave?

"It's tough. But probably surfing," shoots Scott Jones. The journalist was mesmerized. "You are the best footballer I have ever interviewed!"

The chairman of the club wished he was joking, but he knew his striker was talking seriously.

And there's more - Jones's girlfriend is American, so he might very well miss the next FA Cup match because it takes place on Thanksgiving Day.

Chichester City FC will play against the winner of the match between Tranmere Rovers FC and Wycombe Wanderers FC.

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