Urbnsurf: the Australian surf pools powered by the new Wavegarden technology | Photo: Urbnsurf

Wavegarden will announce the launch of "The Cove," a new artificial wave pool technology, in February.

The Spanish surf pool company plans to unveil a new man-made wave system capable of pumping 1,029 waves per hour, which means more than 16 waves per minute.

Wavegarden is trying to keep the whole product secret, but they've already confirmed that the new technology can deliver waves of up to 6.9 feet (2.1 meters) that peel across the pool for 18 seconds.

"The Cove" is expected to make its debut in the triple surf pool project set for the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth under the insignia Urbnsurf and brand controlled by the Wave Park Group.

The plan involves getting Australia's Olympic surfing team training at "The Cove" before making their debut in Tokyo 2020.

The new surf pool concept by Wavegarden will no longer feature a racetrack-inspired design but instead a baseball-diamond-shaped lagoon.

The Cove: the new surf pool technology by Wavegarden | Photo: UrbnSurf

Wavegarden has already installed first-generation surf pools in Wales (Surf Snowdonia) and Austin (NLand Surf Park).

A few weeks after opening to the public, both parks reported malfunctioning issues and were forced to shut down for lengthy repairs.

Wavegarden is not alone in this race. American Wave Machines is already building a similar concept at BSR Cable Park in Texas, using their Perfect Swell technology.

Kelly Slater Wave Company, which is yet to open its first commercial surf park, is still promoting the racetrack-type pool design.

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