The Sealander: a caravan and yacht in one

German inventor Daniel Straub has developed a caravan and yacht in one. The Sealander is the perfect pick for surfers wishing to explore offshore surf breaks.

The concept is simple. Drive your car to your favorite surf spot (on the road, the Sealander is registered as a caravan). Then push the Sealander into the water (in the water, it is a sports boat).

You're ready to sail away in search for the perfect uncrowded surf spots located somewhere in an outer reef. The Sealander is equipped with an electric motor that can power the caravan through the water at up to 9 kilometers per hour.

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Wildersmouth: let's improve water quality | Graphic: Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage has announced the launch of the Cleaner Coastal Catchments, a project to improve water quality in Porth and Ilfracombe, in the United Kingdom.

A water catchment is an area where water from any form of precipitation (rain, melting snow, ice or run-off water) drains into a river, ocean, estuary, lake or reservoir.

Cleaner Coastal Catchments aims to raise awareness about how large the coastal catchments are and how small changes you can make will help the local beaches. Without intervention, these beaches are predicted to fail European water quality standards.

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Waves: an endangered treasure | Photo: Andy Hutchinson/Creative Commons

The 2015 Global Wave Conference will be held in Cornwall and London, England, between October 11th-14th.

The event will focus on the protection of waves, oceans, beaches and surf habitats worldwide, and it will be held at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel, Cornwall (October 12th-13th), and at the Palace of Westminster (October 14th).

The conference will tackle themes including the protection and management of natural surfing heritage, the threat of marine litter, water pollution and climate change, the importance of 'blue health' - human health and wellbeing, and 'surfonomics' - the growing impact and importance of the economic value of surfing to coastal communities.

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