Kiteboarding kites: safe and durable

Kitesurfing kites are the most important piece of gear a kiteboarder owns. Launching a kiteboarding kite must follow a rigorous checklist - level of experience of the rider, local wind and weather conditions, kite safety procedures.

Buying a kitesurfing kite is an important investment. You should select a kite which is durable, safe and that might be useful for, at least, a couple of years.

If you already own one or more kites, you should buy a kite that works as a backup for different riding conditions and for racing, slalom or freestyle sessions.

Safety issues have been greatly improved in the kiteboarding kites, in the last ten years. Kite launching, piloting and landing‎ is easier and safer than ever.

Trainer kites are the best option for beginners. These power kite packages are designed to help novice riders learn how to control a kite up in the sky.

Bladders, zippers, depowering and emergency release systems are some of the main features you'll find, for the first time. The most popular trainer kites measure 3-to-3.5 square meters.

Best Kiteboarding offers the "Trainer Kite Package" for $139. The "Slingshot B2" or "B3" trainer kites are quite popular and can be yours for $119 or $219. The "HQ Rush IV Pro Trainer Kite" is in the 3-metre segment for $195.

Intermediate and experienced kiteboarders demand performance, power and responsiveness. Small gear details matter. Top quality kites for kiteboarding veterans can reach 20 square meters, for the right wind conditions.

The pro kite division is led by the high-end kitesurfing brands. The "Liquid Force Envy 15M" is one of the best kites available in the market. It re-launches automatically and boasts a massive wind range. A great choice if you have $1,499.

The "Cabrinha Chaos" is a steady choice from a kitesurf brand with name in the market and offers an intelligent depower system for $1,179. The "Cabrinha Switchblade" has undergone a few strategic improvements to enhance its efficiency and turning speed without compromising the legendary feel. Yours for $1,069.

The "Slingshot Rally Kite" delivers maximum range, instant de-power, effortless relaunch and precise handling, for only $999. For women, the "Naish Alana" is an all-around kite with freeriding, freestyle and wave riding versatility for $1,640.

The "Ocean Rodeo Flite" is the lightest kite the brand has ever made. It offers riders of all levels an explosive and dynamic kite designed for tight snappy turns, big lofty jumps and loops that won’t kill you if you miss the landing.

The "Flexifoil Shiva 3D" offers unparalleled ease of use, effortless relaunch, incredible turning speeds and huge wind ranges. The inflation and deflation valve setup and the one-pump system have been improved. Only $785.

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This kitesurfing kite review has been updated on the 8th July, 2015.