Tom Curren

ESPN has published a complete slideshow featuring Tom Curren.

It is clear that the former world champion is, like the Port wine, getting better with the age. You can watch the slideshow.

Here's what ESPN has to say about Curren's recent adventures:

"Three-time world champ, hailed mystique, and a hell of a musician, Tom Curren’s a man of many talents.

But as of late he’s been spending more of his days in Santa Barbara, watching his young brood surf and thrive.

And while playing dad is all well and good, don’t kid yourself, at 45, the man’s hardly riding off into his golden years.

In fact, based on this latest dispatch of Curren doin’ work up north, it would appear he’s still logging plenty of water time."

Boscombe Surf Reef

The first artificial surf reef in Europe has been officially ‘opened’ in Boscombe, in Dorset, UK, a year later than planned.

The Boscombe reef costed £3 million to build and was developed by the New Zealand-based company ASR. The new infrastructure is designed to increase both the quality and amount of surfable waves in the Boscombe coast, which also means more tourists to the region.

The surfer's heaven has the same size of a football pitch and is built of 55 sand-filled bags situated more than 220 metres out to sea to the east of the town’s pier. The Boscombe reef will create the effect of a ramp, as waves pass by and shape perfect sets.

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Kustom Air Strike 2010

Footwear brand Kustom is again throwing down US$50,000 cash to the surfer who lands the best and most innovative air through the 243-day competition window.

The Airstrike opens on 1 January 2010 and runs through to 31 August 2010, providing entrants worldwide with the opportunity to bank surfing’s richest single-manoeuvre event.

“It’s on again and this time we expect everyone to go nuts,” said Harry Truscott, General Manager of Kustom footwear.

“Last year the event was won by the Hawaiian teenage prodigy Dusty Payne, who overcame entries from many of the world’s greatest aerial surfers, including Jay Davies, Mitch Colborne, Ry Craike, Clay Marzo and Chris “Chippa Wilson, to claim the winner-take-all US$50,000 prize.

“Kustom is again laying down US$5,000 to the filmer who catches the winning move, with last year’s winning filmer, Matt Shuster, ultimately having two entries in the final six.

“Matt’s clip of Dusty came pretty late in the event window. He had previously sent us Mitch’s rodeo flip, so we knew Dusty’s clip was likely to be real good. We popped it open, viewed the clip, and wrote Dusty a cheque for US$50,000.

“Kustom’s mission with the Airstrike remains to produce surfing that is so inspired and revolutionary that it breaks all the rules, ultimately changing the face of surfing as we know it.”

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