2009 O'Neill Cold Water Classic in South Africa 

The much anticipated storm has finally hit the shores of Cape Town with howling winds and wild seas forcing a lay day on the fourth day of competition at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic South Africa.

Most of the competitors have hidden away in the warmth of their houses as the seas deteriorate and the wind and rain relentlessly pound the shores. However big wave surfer and O’Neill South Africa brand ambassador, Chris Bertish is getting excited about the swell being generated out to sea right now.

“There should be some pretty exciting waves,” he said. “The competition will hopefully have its last day in some epic conditions at Kalk Bay, then they are calling 25 to 30 foot swell on Thursday and Friday, which would equate to 60 to 70 foot faces.”

“I would like to say that’s an average big wave day but actually that would be pretty exciting,” said Chris. “It gives you a few nerves - you hope that you’ve prepared yourself well and hope that from all the experience you’ve got from the past everyone is ready to take what the ocean is going to throw at you… and you hope for the best.”

Before the serious big wave surfing begins, there is still one day of competition to finish off – starting with the Round of 16.

It was an easy call for contest director Matt Wilson this morning; “We knew pretty much as soon as we stepped out of the door what the score was,” he said. “We did a loop around the reefs which were pretty wild, and went down to see Misty Cliffs for a comparison – which was just complete white water.”

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Mavericks official waiting period will open on November 1 

Mavericks Surf today announced that the official waiting period for The 2009/2010 Mavericks Surf Contest® will open on November 1, 2009.  Mavericks CEO Keir J. Beadling summed up the excitement, saying, “We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s big-wave contest season will begin earlier than ever before.  We have long understood the importance of increasing the size of the contest window, but haven’t been able to do so.  Last season’s events further highlighted how valuable a November opening date can be.  Now, thanks to the support of everyone involved with the contest, we will make the November opening a reality.”  

Today’s announcement was especially meaningful to the athletes who surf Mavericks.  After watching the last contest season come and go without any contestable surf, the competitors are more eager than ever for the 2009/2010 contest season to begin.  Beadling added, “Last season was obviously very difficult for both the surfers and the fans.  This year, we are going to do all we can to ensure that the surfers and fans alike get to experience a memorable contest.  While we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature, we can now say that we are better prepared than ever for what she throws our way.” 

Beadling also thanked the sponsors who made the November 1st opening date possible.  “We are grateful to our sponsor partners whose support was vital to making the opening of the contest season in November a reality, and for ensuring that the surfers will be competing for a record-breaking $150,000 prize purse.  We are fortunate that all of our sponsor partners recognize the importance of opening the contest window on November 1st, and that they have demonstrated their commitment to making sure we are able to do so.” 

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Mercedes Maidana 

Wave Tribe team rider Mercedes Maidana became the first woman to surf epic El Buey in Chile this week. It was her first time to tow-in, a new experience that this Hawaiian local said she was very excited about—we’ll see lots more of Mercedes charging big tow-in surf around the globe.

When Mercedes first approached Wave Tribe we asked her why she was interested in partnering with the world’s first green surf company, her stoke for surfing and her passion for life was as evident in her answer, “surfing is the love of my life. I would not know what to do or who to be if I didn’t have it. As any loving relationship, I think that it has to have a balance of giving and receiving. The ocean gives me more gifts than I could ever reciprocate.”

Wave Tribe team riders are more than surfers, they are conscious beings that recognize the importance of helping to transform the surf industry and when we asked Mercedes why green surf products were important to her she responded, “One way for me to keep the balance is to start doing small changes in my life to preserve what I love the most. That’s why sustainability is so important: it is the simplest way to be thankful to nature.”

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