WingBoard: riding and carving the skies | Photo: Wypaviation

Aaron Wypyszynski aims to design the impossible. The master in Aeronautical Engineering wants to take wakeboarders riding the skies of the world. No joke.

The man behind "WingBoard" began carving the skies when he was only 13. As time passed by, he dedicated his life to airplanes and impossible inventions. Now, he wants to project wakeboarding into the atmosphere.

"There's been truly no way to fly behind an aircraft. WingBoard is unique because it's the only opportunity for you to stand, having the wind in your face, and controlling yourself in the sky," explains Wypyszynski.

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X-Stream Wake Rider: a wakeboarding pool

The X-Stream Wake Rider promises a revolution in the wakeboarding simulation experience. Welcome to the future of wakeboarding.

The X-Stream Wake Rider features six 125 horsepower submersible pumps that push a total of 144,000 gallons per minute through a three-inch nozzle opening.

The nozzle produces a stream of water across the surface of the inflatable pool mat at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour, the ideal speed for wakeboarding.

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Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships 2014: power on | Photo: World Wakeboard Association

Harley Clifford, Bec Gange, Cory Teunissen, and Reed Hansen claimed the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships 2014, at Mills Pond Park, behind the Supra Boats SE550.

In the end, and after eight stops, Harley Clifford and Meagan Ethell have been crowned King of Wake and Queen of Wake in the ultimate showdown.

The main event of the day - Pro Men's - attracted hundreds of wake fans with hearts pounding as some of the best riders in the world rode for broke to take the coveted world champion title home.

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