The do's and don'ts of bodyboarding lessons

Bodyboarding is a sport with specific rules, even when practiced alongside a dedicated, experienced coach or instructor in individual or group lessons.

Nowadays, we can say that it is a privilege to have a few bodyboarding-only schools all over the world, where you can get in touch with the experience of catching a wave quicker than anyone else, in prone mode.

When learning and improving your wave riding skills, it is essential to be motivated and believe in yourself. But it is also true that you should pay attention to what your instructor has to share with you.

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Lavernhe and Padilla are the new monarchs of El Frontón

Amaury Lavernhe and Teresa Padilla have taken out the World Cup Gran Canaria Frontón King 2018, in Galdar, Canary Islands.

The iconic bodyboarding contest has come to a close at the infamous Canarian slab with two Canarian residents climbing the highest podium places.

Although the finals weren't blessed by the classic El Frontón conditions, the waves on offer were rideable and offered a few barreling opportunities.

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How to surf El Frontón

For many riders, El Frontón is one of the best bodyboarding slabs on planet Earth. It breaks over a lava bottom, but it can also break bones.

Located on the north coast of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, El Frontón is a heavy A-frame, freak and dangerous wave powered by a shallow reef.

For those who choose to go left, they'll find a mutant barreling beast that will defy any experienced bodyboarder. If you take off on a right-hand wave, get ready to embark on a challenging freight train.

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Sam Esteve has been trying to figure out a way of blending windsurfing with football. It doesn't seem to work, but it can be fun.

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The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) confirmed it is working actively to re-establish a professional and amateur bodyboarding circuit in North America.

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