El Rollo: bodyboarding's fundamental maneuver | Photo: Tony D'Andrea

The El Rollo (The Roll, in English) was invented and first performed by Pat Caldwell, a professional bodyboarder who competed at the highest level in the 1980s and 1990s.

Caldwell was born in California, on the 4th May, 1962. At only 12, he got his first Morey Boogie board and started competing in Hawaii. Pat loved to try new things. And in the first couple of years, he began rotating the bodyboard off the top of the lip.

When he hit 16, he finally landed it in a Hawaiian line-up. Initially, Pat Caldwell wanted to name it "the three-dimensional 360" but Jack Lindholm laughed and later asked: "Hey Pat, what do you call that thing, the 'El Rollo'?" The truth is that the young Caldwell liked it, and the name stuck.

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Zachary Golebiowski: still riding

In December 2006, Zachary Golebiowski was attacked by a great white shark at Wharton Beach, 60 kilometers from Esperance, in Western Australia. He lost his right leg. But not his life.

Zac was doing what he loved - bodyboarding. He was rescued by his friend Joe Redman, 15, and his older brother San, who was 18 at the time. They saved his life and helped him continue enjoying life.

"It was a complete surprise attack. I (had) just got in the wave and was paddling back out, and it just hit me. It was such a weird feeling, all of a sudden everything just went really quiet," explains Zac.

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Joana Schenker: ready for the World Tour | Photos: Miss Sumol Cup

Joana Schenker has once again taken the Miss Sumol Cup 2015, in Ilhavo, Portugal.

The German-Portuguese bodyboarder successfully defended the 2014 title, after outdoing Catarina Sousa by a very narrow margin - only 0.75 points - as well as Marta Leitão, and the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard champion, Teresa Almeida.

Leitão kicked off the exciting final, Almeida immediately answered, but Sousa fought back with a strong 7.50-point ride. Schenker waited for the best wave and quickly moved to first place until the buzzer sounded.

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