Noah Symmans: two trophies at the 2015 Australian Bodyboard Titles | Photo: Smith/ASF

Noah Symmans has conquered the Open Men's division at 2015 Australian Bodyboard Titles. However, several shark sightings around Gallows and Park Beach, in Coffs Harbour, have forced the cancellation of the Cadets and Grommets finals.

Symmans was able to grab the trophy before the 2015 Australian Bodyboard Titles were called off. The bodyboarder from Albany defeated Jack Harries, Jordan Ihms, and Joey Orme in the Open Men final, but he also took out the Junior Men division.

"I didn't really expect to take out two national titles today over in Coffs Harbour. Pretty stoked to Win the Under 18 and Open Men's division. Couldn't have done it without the WA boys support," expressed Noah Symmans.

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Shark Island Challenge: deep barrels and vertical drops | Photo: IBA

The waiting period for the Shark Island Challenge 2015 has been opened.

Twenty-four of the planet's best prone wave riders are ready to drop into the vertical ramps of the Cronulla reef break, between August 13th and September 20th.

The organizations will make the call in the week prior to the contest commencing and communicate it through Surfing NSW and the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

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Bodyboarding: learn how to trim the wave | Photo: Tim Keegan/Creative Commons

It's never too late to start bodyboarding. Whether you're 7 or 70, go for it. Learn how to become a bodyboarder in less than 24 hours.

Bodyboarding might be considered the earliest form of surfing. We might never know. And for many people, bodyboarding is harder than surfing. The truth is that bodyboarders can ride all types of waves.

So if you're already an accomplished bodyboarder, you can always teach someone how to catch waves in a prone position. It's fun, safe, and it will improve anyone's physical condition.

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