Jacob Romero: Hawaiian expert | Photo: Lee Kelly

Jacob Romero has been crowned 2014 IBA Hawaii Pro Tour bodyboarding champion.

The 29-year-old ripper from Waiehu, Maui, was able to secure his lead in the overall rankings in the Westside Challenge, the last event of the season, held at Keaau.

Ben Severson, one of the ultimate bodyboarding pioneers, put on a jersey and returned to competition to prove that age does not affect performance.

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Guillermo Cobo: the Frontón King 2014

Guillermo Cobo has conquered the Frontón King 2014, at Galdar, Canary Islands.

El Frontón didn't deliver the biggest waves of all time, but the Canarian beast did provide pretty contestable rides. If you're a bodyboarding enthusiast, then this spot is for you, no matter if it's pumping six or ten-foot ramps.

Guillermo Cobo opened the final with a three-point wave for an aerial move; Rodriguez answered with a clear rounded rollo awarded with 4.5 points.

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Bodyboarding: the FSWT puts fans in the judging tower | Photo: Fronton King

In an exclusive interview for SurferToday.com, Liam O'Toole, co-founder of the newly created Free Surf World Tour (FSWT), explains how the circuit will work. "It's time for change."

O'Toole is a former professional bodyboarder. He knows the sport, and how it has evolved through time. The Free Surf World Tour will not compete directly with the APB World Tour. Instead, it will give power to fans. They will decide who the best rider is.

1. Why have you decided to develop the Free Surf World Tour (FSWT)?
It's time for change. It's time to put the most talented bodyboarders on earth back in the crazy remote raw wave locations where bodyboarding belongs. It's time to give the power back to you; the fans, the loyal supporters of bodyboarding by allowing you to judge who you think is the best free surfer on earth.

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