Tom Morey: he invented boogieboarding, not bodyboarding | Photo: Tom Morey Archive

Meet Mr. Tom Morey, the inventor of bodyboarding. Or, has he prefers to call it, "boogieboarding." The founder of Morey Boogie says, "the term 'bodyboarder' sucks. Sounds like a board they'd use to slide a corpse down into a body bag." His life is an adventure. And he still is a very busy man.

Tom Morey is the ultimate surfing inventor. In an exclusive interview with, the Detroit-born wave rider dissects the innovations he introduced to the water sports industry, and his personal perspectives on the present and future of boogieboarding.

By the way, do you know who was the first woman to ride a bodyboard? Tom Morey will tell you.

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Dave Hubbard: winning everything | Photo: Banzai Productions

Dave Hubbard stormed the 2015 Ala Moana Bowls Challenge, on Oahu's South Shore.

The bodyboarder from Kauai won three divisions in the opening round of the 2015 IBA Hawaii season. Dave Hubbard, who celebrated his birthday on the International Surfing Day, conquered the Pro Men, Stand-Up, and Drop-Knee competitions.

"Wow! This was a great event. Probably one of the funnest ones I've ever done. I think the difference was wave knowledge and confidence in my riding and just the waves I caught," commented Dave.

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IBA Hawaii: plenty of ramps for airs | Photo: IBA Hawaii

The Ala Moana Bowls Challenge is the first event of the 2015 IBA Hawaii season, scheduled to run between June 16th-21st.

The competition will take place off Magic Island, in Honolulu. The spot is known for its deep tube rides and perfect ramps for bodyboarding acrobatics.

"I am excited. We are stoked that we have so much support from Kellogg's, Pepsi, Science Bodyboards and more. I am looking forward to an exciting kick-off to a four-event series. There is a good 4-6 foot face swell coming on Saturday, and everyone will put on a great show," says Norm Skorge, contest organizer.

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