Nazare Pro: confirmed until 2019 | Photo: Helio Antonio/APB

The Mayor of Nazare and the CEO at the Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) have signed a four-year agreement for Praia do Norte to host the APB World Tour.

The Portuguese town will welcome the world's best bodyboarders between 2016 and 2019. The deal may be extended for five additional years. The Nazare Pro made its debut at the highest level in 2015.

"The Nazare Pro 2015 was a success. This is a unique spot. The versatility of our waves is suited for all water and board sports. Nazaré is famous for its big waves, but now people around the world will know that the city has some fun waves for everyone," noted Mayor Walter Chicharro.

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Lewy Finnegan: gluten-free air | Photo: Jennings/Strickland

In 2015, he was the sole representative of Australia in the APB World Tour. Lewy Finnegan is in "Glewten Free" mode, and you can't miss his moves.

The short bodyboarding movie was roughly six months in the making. Tom Jennings and James Strickland followed Finnegan on his wave hunting adventures through Western Australia.

After "Teenage Years," Lewy wanted to prove himself he could do even better. And and Australian bodyboarder who hasn't tasted The Right isn't a proper charger. You'll see, how he copes with the monster.

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Michael Ostler: barreled in black and white | Photo: Warren Baynes

Michael Ostler has been named the winner of the African edition of the Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) World Tour.

According to the panel of five judges and the public voting, the bodyboarder from Durban submitted the best surf clip in the birthplace of humanity. The contest window ran between August and September 2015.

Ostler, 25, delivered a one-minute video of highly technical aerial maneuvers, long and deep barrels, and drone shots at Cave Rock. Craig Hansen, Simon Heale and Warren Baynes filmed the winning footage.

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