Aaron Hadlow: a former King of the Air | Photo: Kolesky/Red Bull

Do you believe you're a big air kiteboarding specialist? Submit your best video and win a ticket to the main event of the Red Bull King of the Air 2016, to be held between 30th January and 14th February, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Riders willing to compete in one of the best extreme air competitions in the planet should send their footage until 11th December 2015. There are eight spots available. The event will feature 24 kiteboarders.

"We want a short edit packed with plenty of extreme action! It does not need to be a masterpiece - all we need is to clearly see the potential of the rider," explains Sergio Cantagalli, director of the Red Bull King of the Air.

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Sports Above Politics: Juuso Tilaeus, Maxim Ivanov and Stanislav Kulikov kite crossed the Gulf of Finland | Photo: Virgin/Sports Above Politics

Can sports rise above politics? For sure. Three kiteboarders from Russia, Ukraine and Finland have teamed up to kite cross the Gulf of Finland. With a message flying high like their kites.

Russian Maxim Ivanov, Ukrainian Stanislav Kulikov and Finish Juuso Tilaeus have sailed together 279.46 kilometers (173.6 miles) between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, in challenging weather conditions.

"We don't like the relationships between our countries, which are fraternal peoples and neighbors. We hope that our project [Sports Is Above Politics] contributes to peace and mutual understanding between countries," underlined Ivanov.

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John Perry: he can hardly see the kite

John Perry has gone kiteboarding with 200-meter (656 feet) kite lines.

The creative kiteboarder loves to develop his own custom lines. Recently, Perry rode a 2016 Slingshot Turbine kite, equipped with 100-meter ropes, in light wind conditions at the mouth of the Hood River, in Oregon.

The brand's R&D gear tester proved it is possible to sail in surface winds of nearly zero knots - a light breeze is what it takes to get the Turbine up in the sky.

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