Kites: learn how to make handmade kites for less than five dollars | Photo: Elvert Barnes/Creative Commons

Kites are cool. Let's learn how to make our own handmade paper or plastic bag kite. Our easy-to-build kite models will cost you under five dollars.

The first kites were developed in China, near 500 BC. Their sails were made of silk fabric, and the framework was built with bamboo. The lines were then added using silk, too. Simple, yet effective.

Back in the day, Chinese kites were used to measure distances, signaling, checking wind conditions, and communicating with others in military situations. The kite mania then spread to the whole Asian continent before flying over the Western world.

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Irish Kitesurfing Project: going big in Ireland

Pure and raw, with no logos or sponsorship deals. The Irish Kitesurfing Project (IKP) aims to raise awareness of the spectacular sailing conditions Ireland has to offer and to promote the finest riders in the country.

The IKP will release a series of short video clips, in which the kitesurfing stars are Irish athletes performing in a wide variety of weather conditions. The first video shows winter is coming in the land of Guinness and harps.

"This is a project initiated by a group of local kitesurfers scattered around Ireland. Along with kitesurfing, some of this group have very creative skills, from music to video to photography," the Irish Kitesurfing Project explains.

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Julien Kerneur: performing a strapless double back loop

Clean and complete. Julien Kerneur has successfully landed the world's first strapless double back loop.

Strapless kiteboarding is the future, they say. Grab a surfboard, wax it up, pump your kite and go for it. There couldn't be a simpler formula. In a time when kiteboarders are going foil and strapless, you've got to step up your game.

Julien Kerneur, gold medalist at the 2012 Kiteboarding Slalom World Championships and winner of multiple PKRA events, traveled to Brazil and surprised everyone with a beautifully landed double back roll.

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