2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer: sharing and caring

The 2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raised over $100,000 for Camp Koru's adventure retreat program.

A total of 154 kiteboarders sailed the Hood River for more than six hours. In the end, riders completed 2314 laps around the course, in 9-13 knot winds.

Brandon Scheid, Carol Bolstad and Team Patagonia Randoms won the 2014 edition of Kiteboarding 4 Cancer. The fleet had pro kiteboarders and cancer survivors kiting side by side.


Battle of the Sund: only kites are allowed in this clash

Two hundred kiteboarders will cross the Strait of Oresund, between Sweden and Denmark, on the 16th August, 2014.

Race and freestyle kiteboarders are invited to rewrite history. What once was the scene of a big naval battle between Swedish and Danish is now the spot of an extreme sailing challenge.

Riders will try to get their kites up in the sky for 40 kilometers (25 miles), starting on Ribersborg Beach, Malmo, touching the island of Flakfortet on the Danish side, and returning to Sweden.


Richard Branson: addicted to kitesurfing

Richard Branson is addicted to kitesurfing. The Virgin mogul is a frequent Guinness World Record beater, and his favorite spot is Necker Island.

"I learned to kitesurf on Necker twelve years ago. It was lethaly dangerous. When you fell you'd be dragged underwater 100 feet, and you prayed you didn't hit a reef," reveals Branson.

"I survived with not too many injuries, and it's been the best sport ever since. I will kitesurf if the wind's up, get half an hour away from Blackberries and iPhones, then comeback completely refreshed ready to go."