Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing: it's cold out there

The 2015 Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing will hit Garrison, Minnesota, between March 6th-80th, 2015.

The 11th edition of the snow kiteboarding competition invites riders to complete a 28-mile race across the icy surface of the Mille Lacs Lake.

Denis Kune, Joe Levins, Jeff Cole, Rob Evans, Marty Roy, Kate Perkins, Adam Burggraff and Vicky Hanson are some of the stars t total of 75 participants.

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Aaron Hadlow: commitment and confidence | Photo: Red Bull

Bob van de Gronde wants to shoot the most important kiteboard movie of all time.

"Chapter One" plans to gather kiteboarding's biggest stars in a full-length DVD - Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Ruben Lenten, Nick Jacobsen, Robby Naish, Youri Zoon, Jesse Richman, Sam Light, and Keahi de Aboitiz, all in a complete cinematic experience.

"Whether our athletes are chasing storms, searching for the perfect waves or stylizing their powerful tricks, this film will keep kiteboarding and non-kiteboarder alike on the edge of their seat," explains Van de Gronde, the film director.

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Dale Stanton: golden victory in the Lancelin waves | Photo: John Carter

Dale Stanton has claimed the 2015 Kitesurfing Wave Sailing Competition at the Lancelin Ocean Classic, in Western Australia.

A windy and consistent afternoon above 22 knots gave athletes a strong base, although the swell being on the smaller side resulted in challenging conditions for the earlier half of the competition.

More than 50 kitesurfers delivered exceptional performances in the testing conditions making 2015 the biggest competition year so far.

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