Todos Santos, Mexico: ai caramba!

The 2011 Peligroso Todos Santos big wave contest is ready to kick off as the event's official waiting period is opened. Therefore, the competition may be given green light between January 3rd and to February 28th.

The fifth event of the Big Wave World Tour is hosted on the island of Todos Santos, off Baja California, Mexico. The tequila brand is the perfect sponsor for this infamous wave. One thing is for certain: there will be no jet skis, paddle-in only.

Excitement is growing as a large swell is being generated in the Pacific Coast. There are several pulses being registered by the buoys, but only the strongest will be considered to run the 2011 Peligroso Todos Santos.

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Otter Surfboards: perfect and durable

The "Cornwall Surfing Style" is the opening season exhibition of the Trelissick Gallery, in Truro, United Kingdom. It's the exploration of the work of artisan and surfer James Otter.

James creates hand-crafted wooden surfboards and furniture that are sculpted to perfection – a true work of art – inspired by the natural world and built using locally supplied sustainable materials.

"My current work has its emphasis on my surfboard project – to develop hollow wooden surfboards to replace and reduce the use of toxic substances in surfboard manufacture and to marry two of my deepest passions," says James.

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Mavericks: Coastside Fire Protection saving lives | Photo: Jeff Clark

Jacob Trette, a 30-year-old surfer, is in critical condition in Stanford Medical Center after wiping out in Mavericks, last Saturday. Trette was paddling out in big wave conditions when a monster wave caught him.

The Southern California rider was found face down in the water by the jet skis, a few moments after the unexpected wave set broke where he was. Jacob was not breathing and unresponsive when found and CPR was performed by emergency responders.

The surfer was immediately taken to Stanford Medical Center and put in a medically induced coma. "He got completely sucked over the falls," said Jeff Clark, the iconic Mavericks surfer. "He tried getting over the left side, which is way gnarlier. He was way too inside."

Mavericks was pumping 12-15 foot waves but sets were definitely bigger. Personal water crafts were banned from the Northern California coast, so only when it's 20 foot or bigger jet skis may save lives.

Big waves are for experienced surfers. If you do not have enough experience, please stay out of the big surf.

UPDATE (27/01/11)

Our mate is alert and has already talked. He's still recovering at the Stanford Medical Center. Enjoy your second life, Jacob. ;)

UPDATE (26/01/11)

Jacob Trette shows signs of recovering. A Stanford Hospital spokesman says he is in fair condition, three days after nearly drowning in Mavericks.