2016 Sintra Portugal Pro: there were powerful waves on the first day of competition | Photo: APB

The 2016 Sintra Portugal Pro kicked off in solid swell conditions at Praia Grande, in Sintra.

The first day of competition delivered six-to-eight-foot waves with plenty of air opportunities and even a few barreling options. All riders experienced the power of the Atlantic Ocean and were constantly battling the local currents.

The Portuguese armada did well on the opening day. Gonçalo Pinheiro, Simao Monteiro, Daniel Fonseca and Ricardo Rosmaninho survived the Round 1 guillotine.

The top seeds will only start competing in Round 2 and 3. Manuel Centeno, the only Portuguese bodyboarder to ever win the Sintra Portugal Pro in 2003, hopes to do well in the event.

"My first goal is to qualify for the third round. For me, a ninth place is an average result. Everything below that would be a bad result. Obviously, I am chasing something better than a ninth place - ideally, a podium spot," explained Centeno.

The 21st Annual Sintra Portugal Pro runs from September 13th-18th at Praia Grande, in Sintra. The event features Pro Men, Women, Pro Junior, and Drop-Knee divisions.

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