Stephanos Kokorelis: a bodyboarder with no limits

Stephanos Kokorelis is one of the most talented bodyboarders in Portugal, but he rarely competes.

He started surfing at a very young age, but now, at 19, he is ready to take over the world with his style and creativity.

"Kokorelis" is a five-minute video in which he unleashes all his skills and reveals his competence in a wide variety of waves and breaks. It was filmed over the last two years by Nuno Dias.

"Nuno is one of my best friends since we were little kids and afraid of two-foot waves at Carcavelos. He is always aware of the forecast and, with his hard-working and determined personality Nuno is able to push everyone to achieve their full potential," explains Stephanos Kokorelis.

"Nuno as shared his talent with a lot of extraordinary surfers all over the world, capturing every frame and creating amazing videos. I could go on and on describing his qualities and the incredible person he has become, but what I'm most proud of is the dedication he as shown."

This is the reason why bodyboarding continues to be one of the most exciting water sports in the globe.

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