Mark Parsons

Central Coaster Mark Parsons won the first leg of the 2009 RAW Pro Juniors summer series today in fun 1metre waves in Newcastle.

He surfed a flawless final to win ahead of the Port McQuarie trio of Sam Bennett, Charlie Holt and Chase O’Leary.

“ I’m stoked” said Parsons.

“ The surf was fun today and my strategy of waiting for the best waves paid off” Parsons used the same game-plan for each of the five heats he surfed. Wait for the biggest and best waves and don’t take anything substandard.

It paid off big time and Parsons netted a return ticket to Hawaii for his troubles to surf in the first event on the IBA World Tour at Pipeline in Febuary.

Parsons will be seeded into the later rounds due to his top 20 finish on the Rebel Sport Pro Tour.

Other standouts today were Queenslanders Tom Rigby, Nic Rubasamme and Lachlan Cramsie.

But highest heat score of the day went to Sunshine Coaster Joey Orme with 19.10 out of 20 for a faultless quarterfinal win.

The best-placed local was Kieren Schuck who made the quarters defeating some big names along the way.

“ It would have been better to go further but I am happy with how I went” said Schuck.

The series now moves to North Avoca on January 10th before winding up at Cronulla on January 17th.

The RAW Pro Junior series is already being hailed a success after the first event filled up just a week after the entry was released.

“ The young guys are pumped on the concept” said IBA Australasia General Manager Terry McKenna.

“ It’s been a long time in the making and we intend on expanding the concept to Queensland and WA next year”

The event was made possible by the general by the generous support of Rebel Sport and RAW Bodyboards as well as Solid Bodyboarding and Wild Surf Co.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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