Isabela Sousa: tube riding for the world title

Once again Venezuela will be hosting one of the events of the IBA World Tour (International Bodyboarding association), this time in Parguito Beach, at the Island of Margarita.

This event holds an important amount of points for the riders. Many competitors are running for a top ranking state so as a possible world title for the Ladies division and the Dropknee division.

This situation pushes Venezuela as the host of Isabela Sousa and many others. Isabela Sousa is riding forward to get the crown as WWT IBA Champion facing opponents like Natasha Sagardia, Lumar Guittard and Izamar Vivas racing to qualify this year in a good position in the ranking.

So as the Ladies division WWT, the Dropknee riders still competing for the world championship. Riders like Dave Hubbard current DK world champion joins at this waters the potential of names like Ardiel Jimenez from the Canary Islands and Cesar Bauer from Perú.

Also this event will run a guest under 12 years short competition and the bomb tight race of the Latin Senior Open IBA category.

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