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The "El Gringo" surf spot is building in Arica, Chile. Before, the world's best bodyboarders are traveling to South America for the third stage of the 2011 IBA Grand Slam Tour, in Peru.

In the Arica wave, the only problem is choosing to go left or right. In all circumstances, the chances of scoring a barrel are high, so the 2011 Arica Chilean Challenge promises to pump everyone's nerves in the Alacran Island.

"El Gringo" is a bodyboarding wave. With its shallow and dangerous reef, it's important to make the correct decisions. In the end, riders will pay with a victory or a defeat. "This event is going to be critical to the ratings", says IBA Tour manager, Terry McKenna.

"Coming off the BOX Pro, we have a clear leaderboard and if one of the frontrunners wins here, it could set them up for a potential world title", he added.

The contest will see the best 23 bodyboarders in the world joined by seven trialists and two wildcards. That is Jose Octavio, from Brazil, and Christian Fernandez.

The trials for the 2011 Arica Chilean Challenge will begin on the 20th May. The event will offer both GSS (Grand Slam Series) and GQS (Global Qualifying Series) points.

The GSS bodyboarders will surf in four-man heats in three round series. There will be a leaderboard after round one and two and at the conclusion of round three, the top 16 ranked riders will progress into round four man-on-man heats. From here, the event will continue with man-on-man quarter finals, semi-finals and final.

“I love this place. It is the ultimate arena to showcase high performance bodyboarding and I’m very keen to do well", says the Australian Ryan Hardy. The 2011 Arica Chilean Challenge follows the 2011 Peruvian Inka Challenge, to be held between 11th and 15th May.

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