APB World Tour splits Grand Slam and Qualifying Series rankings

The Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) announced a revolution in the competitive format of professional bodyboarding.

The 2018 APB World Tour prepares to debut a new structure that will embrace the Men's, Pro Junior, and Drop Knee competitions.

As for the Men's World Tour, the APB is ready to implement a two-tier system that features a World Grand Slam Series (WGS), and a Qualifying Event Series Tour (QEST).

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What to expect from bodyboarding lessons

Learn to bodyboard in a professional environment, surrounded by fully qualified bodyboarding instructors. Here's what you need to know before paying for group or private lessons.

Bodyboarding is an exciting water sport, full of intricate secrets, techniques, and subtle requirements. If you plan to learn to ride the boogie by yourself, that's fine.

But, sometimes, it can be a smart move to book a few lessons and accelerate the learning process. Unlike in surfing, there are not many schools specialized in bodyboarding only.

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Tristan Roberts claims the 2018 West Beach Warfare

Tristan Roberts has taken out the 2018 West Beach Warfare, in Port Alfred, South Africa.

The contest officially kicked off the 2018 APB World Tour season and attracted some of the country's best bodyboarders, including the defending world champion Iain Campbell.

The West Beach Warfare is a 1-Star qualifying event with a $5,000 prize purse and delivered contestable three-foot wedges. The highly competitive vibe raised the quality of the rides, and the semifinals set the tone for the ultimate clash.

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When you reach the "End of the Road," you're all by yourself. Are you sure you're ready to get barreled at Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo?

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Isaac Thomas owns an interesting collection of rare skimboarding DVDs. They document the evolution of the sport since the turn of the millennium.

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Cory Teunissen and Sean Silveira have taken out the third stop on the 2018 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT), in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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