How to repair cracked swim fins

Swim fins don't last forever - wear-and-tear is inevitable. However, you can always stretch their lifetime a bit by repairing the cracks that slowly appear in the rubber.

There's nothing worse than losing a fin while catching waves. Not only it put an end to your surfing session, but it may also hinder you from escaping strong currents and rips.

High-quality bodyboarding fins are traditionally made from natural gum rubber for maximum comfort and optimum thrust and performance.

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The barrel of a wave, according to Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart shared an old picture featuring personal annotations on the anatomy of a wave and the formation of the barrel in particular.

The legendary bodyboarder made it 30 years when "I thought I knew something about tube rides." The historical sketch reveals Stewart's impressions on the breaking of a wave.

Mike divides the vertical picture into two halves and draws a 90-degree angle with the horizontal axis being the horizon line, and the vertical line being the lip line.

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A handplaning session in Nazaré with Kalani Lattanzi

Kalani Souza Lattanzi was born in Hawaii, but he's lived for years in Itacoatiara, a notorious beach break located in Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

He is a well-rounded waterman. Whenever he grabs his surfboard, bodyboard, handplane, or simply goes bodysurfing, Lattanzi is a force to be reckoned with.

In 2015, the Hawaiian-Brazilian paddled into one of the biggest bodyboarding waves of all time at Puerto Escondido. Earlier this year, Kalani bodysurfed Nazaré's Praia do Norte.

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Sam Esteve has been trying to figure out a way of blending windsurfing with football. It doesn't seem to work, but it can be fun.

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The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) confirmed it is working actively to re-establish a professional and amateur bodyboarding circuit in North America.

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