Alex Uranga claims 2011 Sportzone Surfusiom

September 5, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Alex Uranga: double hang winner

Alex Uranga has conquered the 2011 Sportzone Surfusiom, in Doniños Beach, Spain. The bodyboarder from the Basque Country defeated Yeary Martinez in an exciting final, held in clean 4-6 feet waves.

Waves were pumping rider's nerves and the crowd out in the beach. The event got underway after a solid swell blessed the Spanish region of Ferrol, in the north of the country.

In the Drop Knee, the usual suspect took top honours. Damian King, regarded as one the best DK rider in the world, won the event.

The 2011 Sportzone Surfusiom was full of perfect and beautiful rollos, ARS with perfect rotation, 360 fluid, back flips in heavy section, quality inverts and deep barrels.

With this result, Alex now needs a good finish in the GSS Trials and a strong ETB rating to make the Top 8 in the GQS and qualify for next year's GSS series.

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