Amaury Lavernhe wins the Arica Chilean Challenge 2014

August 22, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Amaury Lavernhe: barreled to victory at El Gringo | Photo: Pablo Jimenez

Amaury Lavernhe has conquered the Arica Chilean Challenge 2014, in Chile.

The final had two strong riders battling for precious points on the APB World Tour: Amaury Lavernhe and Pierre-Louis Costes, in a French affair. Guilherme Tamega and Alex Uranga were third, only losing in the semifinals.

In his first wave of the final, Amaury scored an amazing barrel ride to collect 9.25 points. Later, the bodyboarder from Reunion Island stole the show with an incredible last-minute wave: a huge air reverse, scored as a Perfect 10-point ride. Costes' trademark backflips were not enough to conquer the judges.

"What a great joy! A special greeting to Pierre-Louis Costes, who forced me to outdo myself to win the event. Viva Chile, Arica, and Reunion!," expressed Lavernhe.

After the spectacular victory in Chile, Lavernhe jumps in the overall rankings, and puts himself in contention for the world title race. He is the new number one.

The next stop on the APB World Tour 2014 is the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, to be run from August 26th, in Chile.

Arica Chilean Challenge 2014 Final

Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 19.25 def. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 15.10