Bob Kithkart rides to victory at Manhattan Beach

April 29, 2013 | Bodyboarding
013 BZ Morey BIA Pro/Am Tour: Californian bodyboarding show

Bob Kithkart has taken out the first stage of the 2013 BZ Morey BIA Pro/Am Tour, held in excellent 3-4 surf conditions, at Manhattan Beach.

More than 80 bodyboarders attended the inaugural event of the 2013 Californian bodyboarding season and the local knowledge proved to prevail in the Manhattan Beach waves.

One of the most anticipated performances was the Manhattan Beach Locals competition, the second largest division of the event. The "locals only" concept was claimed by Sal Fitsemanu.

The Pro Open final was spectacular, with the BIA Pro veterans on hand to battle this year's new school. The experienced riders came out on top with Bob Kithkart taking the win and a second spot in the Drop-Knee division.

Joe Sabra, from the South Bay, conquered the golden spot in the Drop-Knee contest, again this year, while Alex Numa finished third.

In the Juniors division, Caleb Roman starts the season with a win, just edging out Matt Danskin. The Youth division had a grip of new blood showing that novice bodyboarding is still going strong. Andre Bernard takes the lead with a tasty victory over new and hunger riders.

The top Amateurs of the AAA division were a force to be reckoned as they served up some mean combos. Winners are allowed to ride with the professionals and Luke Overin now enters those future rankings, by taking top honors in AAA.

2013 BIA BZ Morey BIA Pro/Am | Manhattan Beach

Pro Open
1. Bob Kithkart
2. Sean McElroy
3. Rocket Klein
4. Drew Erichson

Pro Drop-Knee
1. Bud Miyamoto.
2. Bob Kithkart
3. Jeff Bragg.
4. Trevor Solberg

1. Luke Overin
2. Derek Reynolds
3. Sean McElroy
4. Rocket Klein.

1. Jose Sabra
2. Mike Glezos
3. Alex Numa
4. Armando Fragga

1. Caleb Roman
2. Matt Danskin
3. Mason Bender
4. Tristan Ray

1. Justin Brown
2. Dennis Decalpo
3. Geof Leyva
4. John Kithkart

MB Locals
1. Sal Fitsemanu
2. Mike Philbrick
3. Dennis Decalpo
4. Jerry Syle
5. Dan Monney

1. Jimmy Lindville
2. Alex Morell
3. Joey Russo
4. Mike Glezos
4. Jason Moore

1. Andre Bernard
2. Josh Demello
3. Zevvin Lawrence
4. Anthony Rosenberg