Bodyboarders ready for the 2011 IBA World Tour

January 3, 2011 | Bodyboarding

Brazilian bodyboarder: Rio de Janeiro and Búzios are confirmed

The International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) has unveiled a brand new website. The 2011 IBA World Tour has been revamped so it's time to get digital updates. The new IBA homepage features news, events, rankings, riders, media, press, contacts and a live corner.

Pro bodyboarders are warming up for the two series of world competitions. The Global Qualifying Series (GQS) will act as a feeder tour to the Grand Slam Series (GSM). In the end of the next season, the best eight GQS riders will qualify for the GSS, while the lowest eight scorers will be replaced.

All the GQS events will offer a minimum prize money of US$25,000 and the GSS doubles it. The Grand Slam Series format will be just like a leader board - similar to golf - after Round 1 and Round 2. Then, at the conclusion of Round 3, the top 16 enter Round 4 in man-on-man heats till the final.

The 2011 IBA World Tour kicks off with the infamous Pipeline Pro GSS, at Oahu, Hawaii. The schedule is already available. Let the waves kick in.