Dan Worley wins first stage of the 2011 Body Glove FBA Tour

April 8, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Dan Worley: sunshine el rollo

The Body Glove's FBA Tour 2011 has kicked off with a great bodyboarding contest in Flagler Beach, Florida.

The surfing conditions were excellent for another nice day at the beach. The weather could have not been better: sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80's. Waves were good enough to have contestable conditions, which means 2-3 ft with offshore winds.

The crowd enjoyed the best Florida has to offer. Nice weather, fun waves and an excellent vibe. Many visitors from all over the country were witnesses of what bodyboarders were able to do at the highest level in the many different divisions.

The Flagler Beach Pier, once again, provided a great venue for competitors. This event marked a new chapter in the history of the FBA. Body Glove made a commitment to support the sport and with the rest of the sponsors, this season has a bright future ahead.

The word is out already. Some of the competitors came to the Sunshine State, from places as far as Virginia, to compete in what is becoming one of the top bodyboarding competition in the East Coast of the United States.

Dan Worley was the grand winner of the Pro Men division, while Devin Ricke took the Drop Knee trophy.

Results of the Body Glove's FBA Tour 2011 in Flagler Beach:


1. Dan Worley
2. Anthony Dellicarpini
3. Billy Andersen
4. Joe Harris


1. Austin Dalton
2. Steven Vitale
3. Alex Hillier
4. Steven Tyson


1. Devin Ricke
2. Billy Andersen
3. Dan Worley
4. Joe Harris


1. Jacob Beede
2. Zack Hillier
3. Kelvin Sanchez
4. Kevin Sanchez