Dave Hubbard claims the 2013 Sandy Beach Pro

July 10, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Sammy Morretino: barreled at Half Point

Dave Hubbard has conquered the 2013 Sandy Beach Pro, at Half Point.

Perfect chest-high wave conditions greeted all riders for one of the most important bodyboarding events in US soil. The 2013 Sandy Beach Pro lived up to its expectation.

Dave Hubbard was clearly the man of event. His last minute heroics were enough to capture the second Sandy Beach Pro title of his career. Dave would also finish runner-up in the Drop-Knee division.

Jeff Hubbard scored a perfect heat in the Semifinals with an astonishing barrel-to-backflip, and a backflip-to-roll-to-ARS.

Sammy Morretino keeps evolving and, this time, he nailed two Perfect 10 Backside Barrel-to-Snap, which was considered by Jeff Hubbard as the best backside barrel ever ridden at Half Point. As a result, Morretino takes the Drop-Knee competition.

In the Women's division, Liana Carson's aerial rolls were the trumps to beat Melanie Bartels, who was also on fire the entire event.

2013 Sandy Beach Pro | Results

Pro Men

1. Dave Hubbard
2. JB Hilen
3. Matt Holzman
2. Jeff Hubbard


1. Sammy Morretino
2. Dave Hubbard
3. Joshua Trotter
4. Willy Petrovick
5. Landon Gasbar
6. Milea Kauhaahaa

Pro Women

1. Liana Carson
2. Melanie Bartels
3. Claudia Ferrari
4. Akemi Zawaski

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