Fans ready to vote on their favorite bodyboarders

March 18, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Brian Stoehr: ready to conquer North America | Photo: FSB

The Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour has officially been opened to fans.

From now on, world bodyboarding fans will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite riders, as they perform the most radical tricks and maneuvers. Do you know it works?

The world's best bodyboarders will upload their best videos recorded over a one-month period. All clips will be available online so that fans cast their votes on their favorite footage. The rider with the most votes wins the competition.

In order to do so, online viewers are invited to subscribe one of three memberships: Casual ($4.99 per event), Bronze ($29.99 per year) or Gold ($399.99 per year).

Two dollars go directly to the athlete you vote for, $2 go to the grand prize pool to be presented to the winner of the event, and $0.99 go to the FSB team.

The 2015 FSB World Tour season comprises of six events held in six world regions: Europe, North America, Australia-Pacific, Australia-India, Africa and South America. For each event, the organizers pick ten bodyboarders.

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