Grenier and Castillo dominate French bodyboarding

October 29, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Maxime Castillo: stealing Coupe De France 2014 | Photo: Antoine Justes

Laury Grenier and Maxime Castillo have taken out the 2014 French National Bodyboarding Championships and the French Cup, respectively, in Hossegor and Anglet.

Grenier was able to defend his 2013 French Open title against one of the best bodyboarders in the world: Pierre-Louis Costes.

"The level was huge this year. There were superb conditions, and we were really able to express ourselves. I am very happy to retain my title," said Grenier.

"The last moments seemed like an eternity, just like last year. Pierre-Louis Costes had a great wave with five minutes to go. I played tactical game to halt him from catching a last wave. He needed a seven-point ride, and I knew he was capable of pulling it."

One day after the conclusion of the National Championships at Hossegor, a super final was run with the top 12 bodyboarders, in spectacular six-foot wave sets.

Jonathan Jay, who was leading the French competition until the ultimate showdown, missed the title race and left the door open to Max Castillo and Yann Salaun.

Despite the attacks from his brother and Salaun, Maxime pulled an outstanding ARS in the last minutes of the final to steal first place in the event, and in the overall rankings. He had conquered the Coupe De France 2014.

Anne-Cécile Lacoste ended up claiming the Women's Open division while 2014 APB World Tour champion Amaury Lavernhe won the French Drop-Knee title.

2014 French National Bodyboarding Championships | Men's Open Final

1. Laury Grenier (REU)
2. Pierre-Louis Costes (AQUI)
3. Amaury Lavernhe (REU)
4. Maxime Castillo (AQUI)

2014 French National Bodyboarding Championships | Women's Open Final

1. Anne-Cécile Lacoste (AQUI)
2. Candice Bride (PDL)
3. Lisa Labadie (AQUI)
4. Aurore Soulier (AQUI)

2014 French National Bodyboarding Championships | Drop-Knee Open Final

1. Amaury Lavernhe (RSC)
2. Sebastien Lacombe (ASC)
3. Nicolas Padois (UDCBA)

Coupe De France 2014 | Final

1. Maxime Castillo (USCBA)
2. Yann Salaun (MSC)
3. Jonathan Jay (ASC)

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