Hawaii gets set for the 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipe Pro

December 26, 2009 | Bodyboarding

IBA Pipeline

The 2010 IBA World Men’s Tour will launch in February when the first Grand Slam gets underway at Pipeline in Hawaii with the Turbo Bodyboards Pipe Pro.

Pipe has long been the holy grail of International bodyboarding and a massive rollup of the worlds best is expected for the event.

Once again Turbo Bodyboards will sponsor the Grand Slam contest and IBA general manager Terry McKenna is very happy to have them committed again.

“The guys at Turbo have a great understanding of the big picture and since day 1 they have been forthcoming with support on all levels of the sport” said Mckenna.

“They are a hardcore company with a rich history and a team of staunch supporters so we couldn’t be happier that they are back in 2010”

Gregg Taylor Managing Director of Turbo Bodyboards echoed the sentiments:

"The IBA Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Grand Slam sponsorship is a very important partnership for our company. Turbo Surf Design's roots trace back to Hawaii and we are committed to re-instating the Pipe event to be the greatest showcase of the sport of bodyboarding. We hope it encourages other companies in the industry to invest money back into the sport that we are all so passionate about. It is only with this level of support that bodyboarding will reach its true potential."

Revered world wide for its ferocity and beauty, the Pipeline has only ever been mastered by a few men throughout history. Its caverns are the biggest test of an athlete’s mental & physical ability and a win here can catapult a rider to instant International fame.

Like the roots of a family tree, Pipeline sits deep in the heart of Bodyboarding

origins. From Russ Browns first hand made performance bodyboards through to today’s elite aerobatics, Pipe has been there. World champions have all held their trophies high at Pipe, regarded as the longest running world tour contest in history.


2009 Ryan Hardy Australia

2008 Paulo Barellos Brazil

2007 No event

2006 Jeff Hubbard Hawaii

2005 Damian King Australia

2004 Damian King Australia

2003 Damian King Australia

2002 Jeff Hubbard Hawaii

2001 Guilherme Tamega Brazil

2000 Andrew Lester Australia

1999 Andre Botha Sth Africa

1998 Andre Botha Sth Africa

1997 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1996 Steve McKenzie Australia

1995 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1994 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1993 Michael Eppelstun Australia

1992 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1991 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1990 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1989 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1988 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1987 Mike Stewart Hawaii

1986 Ben Severnson Hawaii

1985 No event

1984 Mike Stewart Hawaii

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