Helliton Loureiro conquers the Rio Bodyboarding International 2013

September 9, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Helliton Loureiro: he wants to be in the Top 16

Helliton Loureiro has conquered the Rio Bodyboarding International 2013, at Posto 5, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With 2000 points on offer, the Brazilian stage of the IBA Global Qualifying Series (GQS) was a great opportunity for local riders to climb up the rankings ladder.

The final heat of the Rio Bodyboarding International 2013 saw Brazilian Helliton Loureiro up against Morocco's lethal weapon, Brahim Iddouch.

Both riders were battling for precious points, but Loureiro was clearly playing in front of his home crowd, under sunny skies. In the end, the Brazilian won by 1.55 points.

"I've been dreaming of making part of the world's best 16 bodyboarders in the world. That journey has just started for me. Now there are more obstacles, but God's with me and we will win", says Helliton Loureiro.

In the Women's division, Jessica Becker defeated fellow countrywoman Soraia Rocha to claim the Rio Bodyboarding International 2013. Neymara Carvalho, who surfed the last pro contest of her career, finished third.

Rio Bodyboarding International 2013 | Finals

Hellinton Loureiro (BRA), 15.00 def. Israel Eduardo (BRA), 13.45
Jessica Becker (BRA), 14.50 def. Soraia Rocha (BRA), 10.15

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