Jeff Hubbard crowned at the 2012 Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding

April 22, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: he inverted local Australian supremacy

Jeff Hubbard has traveled from Hawaii to claim the largest ever Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding, in front of a spectator-packed consistent 3-4 foot surf at New South Wales famous Break Wall surfbreak.

The 6-Star GQS event saw high-flying Hawaiian making the most of the ideal conditions, taking to the air with a variety of air-roll-spins, inverts and an air reverse, posting and impressive heat score of 16.13 out of a possible 20 points.

Local youngster Charlie Holt got second, Andrew Lester took third and 2011 World Champion Pierre-Louis Costes kept in fourth place.

After Hubbard launched a lofty air reverse about half way through the final and was rewarded 9.25 out of 10, Holt and Lester were searching for near perfect scores and Costes found himself in a combination situation.

Taking out the WWT Grand Slam event was an in form Isabela Sousa from Brazil. Sousa defeated Mayumi Tone, from Japan, Enate Aguirre and Karla Costa-Taylor. The Brazilian 2010 World Champion is now in a commanding lead on the WWT with two wins out of first three events of 2012.

Sousa took charge early on in the final, racking up a pair of midrange scores with clean spins-roll combos, but really established dominance when she launched a big invert on a set wave closeout to take out the final.

The DKWT event was taken out by South Africa’s Sacha Specker, who narrowly topped Central Coast’s natural footer Grant Malony, in second, 2011 DK World Champion Damian King and Mason Rose.

King looked unstoppable in his semifinal heat, scoring a perfect 10 point ride for a deep barrel backed up bay a flurry of frontside turns, but was unable to find his rhythm in the final.

Interestingly, all three winners were also winners at the 2012 IBA Pipeline Challenge.