Joe Clarke is taking down "Wallz"

October 5, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Joe Clarke: scoring big time somewhere down under

When he's not wearing a jersey, Joe Clarke is tearing down liquid "Wallz."

The rider from the Gold Coast splits his time between competing in Australia's ABA Tour, and free surfing some of the best slabs his country has to offer.

This time, he spent a weekend down south camping and doing what he does best. In a couple of days, Clarke scored big time and got his adrenaline fix before heading home comforted.

As the pro rider put it, it was "left wedges Saturday, and right wedges Sunday." In fact, the result leaves no room for doubt. Clarke transformed the lucky spot into a skate park.

The short video was edited by Michael Jennings. The soundtrack by Driven Fear will definitely amp your sleepy senses, especially if you're a fan of punk and hardcore music.

If you're into huge carves, big airs, 360s inside the barrel, and slingshot barrel rides, then this is for you, too.

The footage smartly combines slow motion scenes with real-time performances. "Wallz" is the ideal appetizer for kicking off a wave-rich weekend.

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