Manuel Centeno wins sixth Portuguese bodyboarding title

December 26, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Manuel Centeno and Catarina Sousa: Portuguese champs

Manuel Centeno and Catarina Sousa are the new 2012 Portuguese Bodyboard Pro Tour champions, after sealing their titles at the Carcavelos Pro, the last event of the season.

Manuel Centeno e Hugo Pinheiro headed to the last stage of the Portuguese bodyboarding titles with hopes of grabbing the most important bodyboarding trophy of the country of ocean explorers.

The two friends and rivals found themselves battling for glory in the Semifinal of the Carcavelos Pro. Centeno had to win to move up in the final rankings and that was what happened.

"It's weird. I am euphoric with the victory but, at the same time, sad for Hugo Pinheiro. I feel that he deserved this title for his consistency over the season. I started bad but managed to improve", says Manuel Centeno.

Centeno, a professional architect, took his sixth Portuguese bodyboarding title. In the final against local star João Barciela, Manuel pulled the best ARS to claim the event, too.

In the Women's division, Catarina Sousa also secured her sixth national tour victory, after beating Marta Fernandes in the decisive Semifinal.

"It's great to win the sixth title in my beach. This was a tasty victory because female bodyboarding has seen a clear evolution, this year", reveals Catarina Sousa.