Matt Lackey chases free bodyboarders in "Roam Free"

September 20, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Roam Free: who are these riders?

"Roam Free" is the newest bodyboard film production by Nomad Bodyboards.

"Roam Free" is an epic project that will follow the lives of the world’s best free surfing bodyboarders as they experience the highs, lows, and adventure of surf exploration.

The bodyboard movie will follow the lifestyle of riders who dedicate their lives to researching surf locations, forecasting swells and then travel beyond the borders of their home town, state, and country in their quest to surf perfect waves.

Chris James, Damien Martin, Cade Sharp, Matt Lackey, Chase O’Leary, Ewan Donnachie, Alex Halsey, Dylan Lee, Matt Young, and Chris Wilson are some of the riders featured in "Roam Free".

The new film will be directed by Matt Lackey. The filmmaker is a well respected free surfer himself and has taken on the project as his follow-up to the extremely well received first film, "The Lackey Project".

Assembling a fantastic group of filmers in their own right, including Michael Jennings, Luke Bickley, Ryan Jones, and Nic Barclay, "Roam Free" will follow riders on location through Japan, Hawaii, Samoa, Indonesia, as well as all corners of Australia including unexplored waves that have previously remained unridden.

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