Miguel Macias wins 2013 Fronton King

December 10, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Miguel Macias: he went bananas with the victory

Miguel Macias has been crowned the Fronton King 2013, in Galdar, Canary Islands.

The Spanish wave riding community has taught a lesson: never give up. The IBA circus may be out for a while, but a large group of volunteers have put up an incredible show of high performance bodyboarding.

Up to 80 riders from all continents participated in the Fronton King 2013, an event with a prize money of $4000. The truth is that everyone wanted to climb up the podium.

The local chargers stood out in the Fronton wave. Amaury Lavernhe, Jason Finlay and Jacob Romero were beaten by the bodyboarders from Gran Canaria.

Interestingly, the Fronton King 2013 was broadcasted live on the web for thousands of international viewers. Who said you need thousands of dollars to hold a professional bodyboarding contest?

The weather conditions were perfect, too. Sunny skies, light winds and three-meter waves brought stunning barrels and supersonic aerial moves.

Miguel Macias showed all his skills and left Kevin Orihuela in second place. Pedro Santiago was third and Lewy Finnegan, from Australia, kept fourth.

A manual of how to set up a world bodyboarding contest with less resources and more stoke.