Pro bodyboarders hit the 2010 Sport Unlimited Cape Classic

March 21, 2010 | Bodyboarding

2010 Sport Unlimited Cape Classic: aerial view of aerial move

Competitors were greeted with overcast and somewhat cold conditions on the first day of the 2010 Sport Unlimited Cape Classic presented by Reef Wetsuits and Science Bodyboards. Boland's Koel Bay Caves played host to a mixed bunch of bodyboarders that have made the annual trip to Cape Town from all over South Africa.

This year's event sees a large number of entries from some competitors that know what it's like to compete at IBA level and the standard of riding was evident with a few closely battled heats.

Stuart Bradford narrowly ousted Ian Kruger in their Pro heat with Ian displaying clean tube riding to combo moves. Darren Halse was on fire too busting a clean signature invert in his heat. Tristan Roberts dominated the Boys division all day and showed an amazing amount of skill given the tough conditions.

It was not surprising to see him make the finals and get hoots from the beach for each move he continued to stick. Wes Fischer took no time in illustrating his tube to combo skills too and Rob Gray put in a stellar effort in landing a clean flip in his heat.

Overall competitors were exceptionally lucky to have the ocean dish up a few meaty kegs and there was no doubt that conditions were highly favourable throughout most of the day with onshore winds only beginning to push late in the afternoon. Charles Pass and Terrence Pieters are both through to Pro quarters by piping Simon Heale by a whisker in what was definitely the most exciting heat of the day.

Ismaeel Grant landed a tight floater-snap which saw him finish top of what was the only DK heat run today and in so doing he knocked out the ever present threat of Wesley Potts from the event. The beach had a great vibe all day with numerous amounts of spectators turning up throughout the day to catch the action.

An awesome development clinic was again run with the help of some of the Pros and the kids had an excellent time by all accounts. It was great to see so many photographers out in full force capturing the action and no doubt they nailed some of the action for their efforts.

Competition has been put on hold until Monday in the hope that conditions improve. Be sure to call the WPBA HOTLINE ON 079 737 7403 early to find out where we will be competing on Monday.

We will be aiming for a 9:30AM start. Save Our Seas Foundation, the benefactor of this year's Sport Unlimited Cape Classic, will be on the beach again and will be holding interactive talks for the bodyboarders and the general public in order to create awareness of the solution we are all working toward - clean beaches and education about conservation.

Attendants will also stand to gain knowledge about how to speak to people that don't necessarily understand how the environment is so negatively impacted by our human presence.

With some thrilling heats in the making for the next day of the competition we suggest you keep in touch and come and check out the action for yourself!

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